Removable Dentures FAQ's:


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What are dentures?
Dentures are partial or full set of artificial teeth for either the top or bottom, or both jaws. Dentures are also called "dental plates". Dentures are the removable alternate option for fixed bridges and dental implants.

Are dentures uncomfortable or painful to wear?
During the first few weeks, dentures may feel awkward or bulky in your mouth, but this is normal and you will soon get used to wearing them until they feel natural. There are over the counter gels and creams available to help you get used to your new denture.

Will dentures affect eating or speaking?
New dentures may need some time to get used to. It might take up to one week to eat normally and few hours to days to speak all the letters correctly.

How do I take care of my denture?
Your dentist will go over the denture care procedures with you during your fitting and subsequent visits. You must brush your denture daily with a brush specifically designed for dentures. Special denture cleansers are also available in local drugstores. It is also important that your denture stays moist as much as possible in order to maintain their shape, so it is suggested that you soak the dentures overnight in water or a soaking solution.

Will my denture need adjustments in the future?
Over time, your jaw may change in dimentions that may cause your denture to become loose or irritating, in such case you should schedule an appointment with your dentist to adjust your denture.


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